terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

NEW IN From Banggood

A few weeks ago I had the chance to work with Banggood, due to that I order 2 small items, a pretty lace blouse and a splash protector for when I'm cooking.

Unfortunately I fancied the black blouse but it was out of stock on my size, so the white had to came insteady, to be fair i'm not a huge fan of white clothes, first because of my size that is plus plus, and because of my skin colour, quite to pale to use white, I feel like a ghost in white.

But I quite enjoyed this Lace Blouse is quite cute and feminin, I love the design and the lace is just perfect, just around $13, quite cheap and with good quality, It took less than a week to arrive, but because I was in Punta Cana I just had the chance of using it last Friday, before my bday party.

Trousers from Next (gatwick airport store) and Trainers from spartoo.pt

Besides this cute blouse I ordered an anti-splash cover for the kitchen to avoid splills when I'm cooking,  Quite Useful. 

Is quite helpful for people like me that makes a mess in the kitchen just to make a toast..., I just think that is not going to be long until it breaks, but is quite easy to clean and avoids a mess in the walls...

For a first time i'm quite happy with my choices and with the store, the items arrive quite quickly and with good quality. I'm going to give to this store 4 hearts in 5.

And you, do you have any experience with this store?

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